Today international :) 
With our lovely and most beautiful vintage lady from Denmark: Ditte

Clothes rail in her student dorm

Top: Wearhouse  Trousers: Weakday

Jacket: Vintage  Dress: Samsø Samsø
Leather Jacket & Dress : Vintage 

Jacket: Vero Moda  Dress: H&M

Bag: Vintage

Sunglasses: Vintage 

You are...

24 years old.

And from...

Herning, Jütland in Denmark.

There you are studying...

International Branding and Marketing.

And now you decided to do an Erasmus Exchange Programme for one semester; why Reutlingen and not e.g. Berlin???

TEKO University (Design and Business School) does only have an agreement with Reutlingen University, so, here I am. 

Your style in three words:

Vintage, Classic & Rock

Budget for clothes per month:

About 20€.

Per month?? Ditte, are you sure you converted correctly?! So: One Euro converted in Danish Kroner is about...

...yes, sure! I mean, basic stuff like socks is not included but when I am shopping I really love thrift store shopping. I just like the idea of it: No one else has this garment. And of course: It's cheap. Laughs. 

I remember you said that you never buy online? What's it all about?

In think in this case I'm kind of an 'old soul': I love trying on clothes and feeling the materials. I guess in 10 years we all meet for coffee in front of our laptops with our own cup of coffee. That's nothing for me...

Fashion, food & people in Germany:

In fashion Germany is two years behind, but I can find at least something in every store. So that's no problem for me. Laughs. Food is bread & the people are lovely, they always help you!


For me tattoos do not have to mean anything. I just like the look. It makes you unique and it is also somehow a fashion statement. 

Your favorite accessory is..

red lipstick and the leather jacket. It just always represents my style.


Henrik Vibskov, he is a danish designer. I love his designs plus his own style: very trashy layered looks.  

You get inspired by...

the streets.

Thank you!!

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